Welcome to LOICA’s documentation!


Welcome to the LOICA (Logical Operators for Integrated Cell Algorithms) repository, our Python package for designing, modeling and characterizing genetic networks.


As you may have noticed, our logo features a beautiful bird—loica (Leistes loyca); a bird native to Chile known for its particular red chest and legendary kindness, with which we share name.


Installing LOICA is way easier than pronuncing it!

pip install loica

For more details please refer to our Wiki for installation instructions and developer guides.

LOICA allows you to:

  • Compile Code into DNA fragments that execute Cell Algorithms

  • Easy programation of genetic network models

  • Generation of synthetic data

  • Communicate with Flapjack

  • Use and output SBOL files

  • Use all sorts of cellular computation

  • Easy, fluid and customisable DNA design


Now that you have LOICA installed you can familiarize yourself with the tool using the Jupyter notebook tutorials designed for this purpose.